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When is the Last Time You Had the Brick Chimney, in Your Frisco Home, Inspected and Repair?

Do you have a masonry brick chimney in your Frisco home?

Have you recently or ever had the chimney, of your Frisco home, professionally inspected?

We have found approximately 36,000 reasons every year to ask that question. Why? Because there are that many fires caused by portable heaters, fireplaces, and chimneys across the US every year. Essentially, faulty fireplaces and chimneys are the number one cause of home heating equipment-related fires.

Poorly maintained brick chimney structures do not always automatically cause a fire, however, the brick-and-mortar deterioration visible on an exterior part of your chimney is typically a clue that there is more damage in the interior.

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Since we began offering Frisco chimney repair services, we have unfortunately noticed little progress in the behavior property owners exhibit toward chimney maintenance. Regrettably, most Frisco homeowners believe a brick chimney is indestructible and does not require maintenance. This neglective attitude and approach towards one of the most important components of the house lead to deterioration and potential safety issues.

Why Frisco Brick Chimneys Deteriorate and How Often is Repair Needed?

The chimney is the highest exposed part of your home they take a beating from rain, wind, snow, and extreme North Texas storms. The elements slowly destroy the mortar mix’s bonding force and chimney bricks’ exterior surface.

In most cases, some level of Frisco chimney repair is required approximately every 20-30 years.

The 20–30-year cycle is true if you assume the chimney was installed correctly. If the chimney is missing the grown or is not installed correctly, it dramatically accelerates a brick chimney’s deterioration since the elements work from the interior and exterior at the same time.

What Occurs When the Brick Chimney, in a Frisco Home, Deteriorates?

Mortar, bricks, and liner crumble and fall inside the chimney flue which could prevent the exhaust gasses from being properly discharged. This could result in Carbon Monoxide spillage into the house with the potential of death. The only way to prevent it from happening is to hire a chimney repair company, such as Sweeps n Ladders, and have them professionally inspect chimney structure every 2-3 years / perform repairs immediately if such is required.

A partially blocked wood fireplace chimney flue will cause creosote deposits to form faster on its interior walls which could result in a chimney fire.

A chimney’s deterioration can sometimes progress to the point where parts of the brick walls simply fall apart. If this happens beneath the roof surface, like in your attic area, the consequences of a chimney fire can be devastating, and your entire house may catch on fire.

Deteriorating tall brick chimneys are extremely dangerous due to the potential of collapse, thus destroying the home’s roof, its components, and even cause injury. If you see signs of leaning, then a brick chimney repair is an immediate need.

Frisco Brick Chimney Repair

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