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Chimney Sweep in Dallas

For several years, we have offered homeowners, in Dallas and the surrounding area, with exceptional chimney sweep services. Our outstanding reputation as a reliable & fair chimney sweep company, in Dallas, has assisted us to gain many satisfied customers.  Many are return customers to complete their annual chimney maintenance.  Why? They recognize we stand behind the work we complete and our dedication to outstanding customer service.  (469)777-8432

Why Does Your Home, in Dallas, Need a Chimney Sweep?

Do you have the average wood-burning fireplace in your Dallas home?  If so, the wood used will not be completely burned.  The smoke, from the fire, contains liquids that are tar-like and unburned gases and vapors which can result in a potentially dangerous build-up known as creosote.   The rule of thumb, set by the National Fire Prevention Association, when creosote build-up exceeds 1/8 of an inch contact Sweeps n Ladders. 

However, we understand that this is a hard thing to estimate or visually determine.  As a solution, Sweeps n Ladders can set up a chimney sweeping schedule that accommodates your busy schedule taking away the stress of one more thing to remember.   Sweeps n Ladders is proficient and experienced in the art of the chimney sweep.  Our technicians practice the latest safety standards to keep you and your home safe from harmful creosote, dust and other particles.

The Sweeps n Ladders Chimney Sweeping Process for Dallas Homes

Sweeps n Ladders is focused on making sure your chimney sweep experience is above and beyond your expectations.  We have a process developed to clean your chimney and minimize the mess.

  • A tarp will be placed on the floor in front of the fireplace to keep the immediate area clean.
  • Any equipment we use will be placed on the tarp.
  • Your chimney flue will be swept with the proper-sized brush. Brushing removes the loose creosote buildup.
  • The firebox and smoke chamber will be swept and ready for use.
  • Once on the roof, we will inspect the chimney for the condition of masonry, flashing, and the crown and look for other chimney issues.
  • Ashes, in the firebox, are bagged for disposal.

How Often Should I Have the Chimney, in My Dallas Home, Swept?

Actually, this a harder question to answer than it sounds.  The simplest answer is: The National Fire Protection Association standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.”  This is a good guideline and rule of thumb.  It is the national safety standard and the correct method to approach the problem.  The bottom-line, even if you do not have regular use of your chimney, animals, including birds, may build nests in the flue or unseen issues may appear from deterioration, over time, that could make the chimney unsafe for use.

The Dallas Chimney Sweep – Customer Service at Its Best

Sweeps n Ladders believes in treating our customers like they are family.  To perform service above and beyond, our technicians are also on-the-job fire prevention specialists.  When we perform a chimney sweep, in Dallas homes, we continuously look for unsafe conditions that can cause home fires or threaten residents with dangerous or unhealthy indoor air quality.

Sweeps n Ladders stays abreast of the current developments and the technology within our industry.  We are knowledgeable and experienced with the most recent National Fire Protection Association standards, as well as the specifics of state and local codes.

We understand no Dallas homeowner wants to deal with soot fires, smoke in their home, or a fireplace chimney with improper ventilation.  It’s what we do and why we are here!   Please leave it to Sweeps n Ladders.

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