Warmth and Comfort Renewed with a Fireplace Remodel – Addison, TX

Truly little compares to the warm and comfy feeling of the fireplace in your Addison home. Remember the feeling of warming up beside a roaring fire in a wood-burning fireplace or snuggling on the sofa in front of a gas fireplace. Take a look at a few of the fireplaces Sweeps n Ladders has crafted for our customers and enjoy the warmth and variety of materials used, from hearth to mantel. [see gallery]

Recent advancements in fireplace technology have brought forth new levels of efficiency and new ways to display fire in a home. Sweeps n Ladder’s designers can guide you to down the path to reach the perfect solution in your newly remodeled home, in Addison.

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Inspirational, Efficient, and Innovative Fireplace Remodel Designs – Addison

Combining inspiration, efficiency, and innovation to design the amazing fireplaces is the method Sweeps n Ladders uses on every fireplace remodeling project. From fireplace inserts to stunning mantles and stone or brick wall treatments, Sweeps n Ladders can create a striking design that matches the specific styles and ideas of the homeowner. If you live in Addison or anywhere in North Texas, speak with our fireplace remodeling experts who can help you get the hearth of your dreams.

Is your fireplace the statement piece you would prefer it to be? Maybe it is time to freshen up your worn-out hearth with a fireplace makeover! Whether you are looking to increase efficiency, change the style and appearance, or upgrade to a different fuel source, Sweeps n Ladders offers industry-best custom fireplace makeovers and remodeling services.

Parts of a Fireplace Remodel Project – Addison

A fireplace is not a standalone unit, it is made up of multiple parts that make up the whole

Fireplace Inserts

Efficiency is not the strong attribute of an older, traditional wood-burning fireplace. It is often obvious it is not very efficient and cannot warm the living space, of your Addison home, properly. If this is the case, an existing inefficient fireplace can be transformed into a very efficient heating source by merely installing a fireplace insert.

A fireplace insert is a unit installed into a pre-existing wood or stone fireplace and serves as the primary heating element. An insert usually includes the interior walls of the fireplace, a grate, and life-like logs that are made of materials such as resin. Fireplace inserts are available in wood or gas fuel, which makes them a great, economical option for a fireplace upgrade.

When installing a fireplace insert, we recommend installing the proper venting, chimney liner, and termination cap to match the unit ensuring safe & efficient operation.

Custom Surrounds and Wall Treatments

Take your fireplace to the next level by adding a breath-taking element to your fireplace with a custom surround or wall treatment. Your current fireplace or fireplace insert may be just what you need, but you want to improve the look of your hearth. If this is the case, a new surround designed with cultured stone, brick, or veneer would be the perfect option. A simple change can easily return your fireplace to its position as the focal point of visual interest for your entire living space. The surrounding treatment has a lot to do with the impressiveness of the appearance of the fireplace.


Simple yet majestic, a fireplace mantle is an addition to any fireplace which can immediately change the style and appearance of your hearth without straining your budget. Traditional or contemporary, Sweeps n Ladder’s fireplace remodel experts can assist in the selection and installation of a beautifully magnificent fireplace mantle.

Combining a mantle and surround package will dramatically change your fireplace into an amazing masterpiece at the center of your home.

Additional Fireplace Improvements

There are other improvements available to improve your fireplace including:

  • Resurfacing or Painting the Firebox with a Heat Resistant Coating
  • Replacing the Fireplace Facing
  • Installing Glass Doors or a Decorative Screen
  • Creating a Raised Hearth Area
  • Modernizing a Rustic Fireplace by Including Decorative Glass Instead of Traditional Logs.

If you have found traditional wood-burning fireplaces a hassle and generally inefficient, our heating experts can install a new gas log set that will not only add to the beauty of your hearth while increasing efficiency. Homeowners in Addison are often surprised at how inexpensive it is to add gas logs into an existing fireplace. Additionally, gas logs utilize natural gas or propane fuel, both of which burn much cleaner than firewood, making cleanup easier and an eco-friendly heat source perfect for homes here in the south.

Addison Fireplace Remodel

If you are contemplating a fireplace remodel in your Addison home, call us today to find out more about what we can do. Sweeps n Ladder’s fireplace makeovers can turn your fireplace “blahs” into “hurrahs”.

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