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Don’t Flirt with Disaster, Get the Chimney in Your Allen Home is Cleaned

Allen homeowners love the moments when they finally get to sit in front of the fire; however, if your chimney is not properly cleaned and maintained, you could possibly be flirting with disaster.  From regular usage, soot and ash slowly build up on the interior walls, which could block dangerous flue gases from escaping out the top chimney.  The most dangerous flue gas is carbon monoxide.

Your concern now is, how do you remove it?  The answer is simple!  Contact the Allen chimney cleaning professionals at Sweeps n Ladders.  Allen’s most trusted chimney cleaning company.  We will comprehensively clean and inspect your chimney or chimneys if you have more than one.  Our service is designed to allow you and your family to safely enjoy many hours in front of a warm, comforting fire.

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Sweeps n Ladders provides a safe and professional chimney cleaning each and every time.  Service to our customers and their safety is our singular purpose.  The care we take to clean the chimney in your Allen home is important to us, but that is not where our concerns stop.  We care about your home. To protect your home the way would ours, we make sure protecting your home from damage.

Sweeps n Ladders uses drop cloths near the fireplace as surface protection.  After we have made sure the surface area is protected, the process of cleaning your chimney begins.  We clean the fireplace using professional brushes and equipment, along with the best chimney vacuum currently available.

We want to make sure we limit the amount of dust or allergens entering the air in your home. Finally, our industry-leading chimney cleaning services include a comprehensive level 2 NFPA Inspection.  When we are done, you can be confident your chimney is clean and safe to use.

Did you know?  The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommends regularly scheduled annual chimney cleaning to maintain the safety of the chimney in your Allen home.

Preventative Actions Will Prevent A House Fire

There is another area of your home that has the potential to start a fire, the dryer vent. Your dryer vent holds lint, which is extremely flammable.  Dust and lint build-up can be a starting point for a devastating house fire.  The NFPA recommends cleaning dryer vents every two years.  The best way to remember is to add it to your Sweeps n Ladders chimney cleaning schedule on a biannual basis.

Watch for Local Wildlife Hiding in the Chimney of Your Allen Home

Chimneys have become a favorite hideout for birds and squirrels looking for refuge from the elements.  Sweeps n Ladders often find chimneys to be a great place for them to make their nests.  Allen does not have a shortage of either, but other wildlife has been known to follow suit, including raccoons.  We are wildlife conscious and look to trap the animals for later release into the wild.  A little prevention goes a long way.  Be sure to protect the animals and keep your chimney clear from blockage with an animal guard installed by our skilled and trained professionals.

Ensuring the Safety of Allen Homes One Chimney at a Time!

Call us to get a FREE estimate on chimney cleaning and the other amazing work we do!  Sweeps n Ladders, Allen’s trusted chimney cleaning company.  Providing the little things that give peace of mind. 


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