Chimney Inspection in Rockwall

For the Safety of Your Rockwall Home, Have Your Chimney Routinely Inspected

The importance of a routine chimney inspection cannot be understated because they are helpful in the detection of problems and the prevention of additional damage.  Sweeps n Ladders has the most dependable chimney inspection program in Rockwall and the surrounding area.  Our annual inspections provide Rockwall homeowners peace of mind, and the knowledge their home is safe.

Rockwall Chimney Inspection and Cleaning, a Fantastic Pair

It is highly recommended every home, in Rockwall, receive a chimney cleaning every 3 years, or annually if extensively used.  Performing a chimney inspection during the same visit will make sure your Rockwall home is well protected and safe.  We feel chimney inspections are as vital as chimney cleaning, maybe more.  Sweeps n Ladders offers 3 different types of professional chimney inspections, which we will discuss further below.  In Rockwall, Sweeps n Ladders is the chimney sweep company people have trusted with their fireplaces, factory-built fireplaces, fireplace remodels, chimney caps, and more.

Did you know, an unused or underutilized fireplace is not automatically problem-free?  Using a fireplace, after many years of nonuse, places your home in a dangerous situation.  Sometimes fireplace damage or deterioration is not easily visible without the right tools.  Unused fireplaces could have deteriorated or had an unknown blockage.  If not found and the fireplace used without an inspection, unseen issues can cause a house fire or expose the household to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.  Many serious house fires are the result of the use of a neglected fireplace for the first time in a long while.

If the Chimney, in Your Rockwall Home, is Damaged, Get It Repaired as Soon as Possible

To avoid a house fire, it is critically important to repair a damaged chimney as soon as possible.  Sometimes it is easy to tell your chimney needs repair, while other times, it can only be found during a chimney inspection.  Even when a Rockwall homeowner very rarely uses a well-maintained fireplace and only burns seasoned wood, a chimney inspection is still highly advised to confirm the chimney was not damaged since the last chimney inspection.

Types of Chimney Inspections for Rockwall Homes

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established three types, or levels, of chimney inspections.

Type 1 Chimney Inspection – Needed under the following conditions:

  • No noticeable change in chimney performance
  • No noticeable change in fireplace venting

This type of inspection is for Rockwall homeowners who simply need assurance the chimney can be safely operated.  Type 1 inspections are recommended annually or when chimney cleaning is scheduled.  The Sweeps n Ladders chimney inspection technician will examine the interior and exterior parts of the chimney, including the:

  • Smoke Chamber
  • Firebox
  • Damper
  • Chimney Cap
  • Chimney Exterior
  • Masonry and Mortar Joints
  • Look for Blockages and Combustible Deposits (Creosote)

Type 2 Chimney Inspection – Needed under the following conditions:

  • Recently purchased home
  • Modifications to the chimney are planned
  • Recent fire in the chimney

A type 2 chimney inspection is more involved than type 1 and includes the services in type 1.  We will inspect all internal joints and surfaces for visible cracks and damage.  A special video camera is used to take a close look at the inside of the flue and chimney, top to bottom.  Any areas of concern will be addressed, and suggestions offered.

Type 3 Chimney Inspection – Needed under the following conditions:

Extremely rare, type 3 chimney inspections involve the full investigation of potential deterioration in areas that are not readily accessible and all services from type 1 and 2.  Components of the fireplace and chimney may need to be removed, such as bricks, metal flue pipes, masonry, chimney caps, and more.  A Level 3 inspection is required only when Level 1 and 2 inspections reveal a serious problem that requires immediate action.

Chimney inspections of Rockwall homes are extremely important.  Most problems and potential disasters can be avoided with an annual inspection.  Call Sweeps n Ladders today and schedule a chimney inspection for your Rockwall home today and have a little peace of mind. (469)777-8432

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