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Fireplace Inspections, by Sweeps n Ladders – Keeping Plano Homes Safe!

Regular Fireplace Inspections & Video Scans Will Keep Your Plano Home Safer & You Better Informed?

As a Plano homeowner, protecting your home and family is a priority.  You work hard to protect against avoidable dangers and unnecessary financial loss. Surprisingly, most homeowners do not realize that regular fireplace inspections can go a long way towards protecting your assets and your loved ones?

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The Importance of a Fireplace Inspection – Plano, TX

Do you have a gas or a wood burning fireplace?  Either type is recommended to have regular fireplace inspections carried out.  Regular fireplace inspections are important to the overall health and safety of your home.  A complete fireplace inspection scans for issues and can help reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Ideally, diagnosing minor problems early before they turn into costly repairs.

The majority of fireplace issues are discovered during fireplace inspections, thus the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) urge homeowners not to miss their annual inspection.  When you maintain annual inspections, of the fireplace in your Plano home, you will have the peace of mind and confidence your fireplace and chimney are clean, in good working order, and ready to bring you and your family another year of comfort, heat, and delight.

Fireplace and Chimney Video Scan to Get a Closer Inspection – Plano

When Sweeps n Ladders performs our thorough fireplace and chimney inspection, we use the modern video scan technology to fully scan the interior.  Our technicians use video to look for cracks, moisture issues, signs of liner damage, and blockages.  

In addition to scanning the interior of the chimney, our fireplace inspection includes a complete an exterior inspection of the chimney crown, cap, damper, and flashing while examining overall condition of the brick and mortar.  

Specifics of the typical Plano fireplace inspection:


  • Proper Height
  • Cap, Spark Arrestor & Animal Guard
  • Crown – Cracking or Pitting
  • Mortar Joints & Brickwork – Cracking or Spalling
  • Flashing & Flue Collars
  • Flue Liner & Tile Joints – Condition & Shifting
  • Resistance to Water


  • Smoke Chamber
  • Damper
  • Firebox, Cracking & Fire panel
  • Ash Container, Clean Out & Fire Door
  • Gas Starter
  • Lintel
  • Hearth Protection

Upon completion, our technician will inform you of any areas that need to be addressed while also suggesting any additional fireplace repairs and services that may be necessary.  Don’t take a chance with smoking problems or risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Let us help you promote safety and good health with a clean, unclogged, inspected fireplace and chimney.

What are the Other Times a Fireplace Inspection is Necessary, for a Home in Plano?

At Sweeps n Ladders, we are often asked, “Other than on an annual basis, when should a professional fireplace inspection be scheduled?”

  • When buying/selling the property
  • When changing fuel, appliance type/size, or chimney liner
  • When problems or changes in performance are noticed
  • After a chimney fire or severe weather event

Is it time to schedule a fireplace inspection for your Plano home? Call Sweeps n Ladders!  We’ll make sure your chimney is in top operating condition and ready for another North Texas winter or whenever you want to use it! Call (469)777-8432 or request an appointment online today!

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