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There is not much more exasperating than trying to light a fire in a fireplace, in disrepair, on a cold winter night or when you just want to enjoy a nice fire.  When this happens, contact Sweeps n Ladders as soon as possible.  We will send our expert team to your Allen home to find the problem and repair your fireplace. 

Sweeps n Ladders fireplace repair experts begin every fireplace repair with a comprehensive fireplace safety inspection.  Our fireplace inspections are designed to locate any issues such as leaks or damage to your fireplace’s components and recommend an effective, affordable solution.  We will have the fireplace, in your Allen home, back up and running before you know it when the Sweeps n Ladders team is on the job!

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What Happens When a Fireplace Repair is Required?

Sometimes, during a fireplace inspection, a problem is discovered.   If this occurs, our highly trained experts will provide a detailed quote and description of the required work.   We will discuss every option with you and make sure you understand what we found and completely comfortable with our solution.  Once approved, we will complete the job, in a timely manner, whether it is a simple cleaning, adjustment, minor masonry repairs, tuck-pointing or a full masonry reconstruction.  Our goal is to make sure your happy and your Allen home is completely safe.

The Trusted Fireplace Repair Company in Allen – Trust Us to Handle Your Fireplace Repair!

Allen’s premier fireplace repair company, Sweeps n Ladders, has extensive experience and knowledge repairing fireplaces.  We’ll take a look at your gas, electric or wood burning fireplace and determine the best solution to your problem. Our team can:

  • Complete safety inspections
  • Diagnose chimney leaks
  • Repair chimney linings
  • Replace rain pans
  • Repair smoke chambers
  • Clean gas fireplaces

No matter what you need, our expert fireplace team has you covered. Get in touch with Sweeps n Ladders to get started. (469)777-8432

Best Advice: Don’t Ignore a Damaged Fireplace Firebox!

When you’re sitting in front of the fire, it is relaxing and warm, but the heat is intense for the firebox.  Did you know? The temperature, within your fire, can reach upward of 2000 degrees F.  The firebox is exposed to these temperatures for hours on end, because it is the host of the fire.   Even the most durable firebox can develop damage over time, frequently in the form of cracks and gaps.

The cracks and gaps can begin allowing the intense heat of the fire, as well as toxic gases typically vented through the chimney, into the nearby framing of the house.  As you might expect, this is not good at all and is a danger to your home.  As these cracks and gaps expand, the amount of heat and byproducts transferred will increase, and can allow stray sparks and hot ash to ignite nearby framing and result in a rapidly spreading house fire.  However, the team, at Sweeps n Ladders of Allen, will put these fears to bed.

What if the Firebox in Your Fireplace is Damaged?

If your firebox is damaged and in need of repair, Sweeps n Ladders can repair it and get you back to enjoying your fireplace.  Our fireplace repair experts can make the needed repairs or, if needed, rebuild your firebox fast and effectively.  We will restore your firebox using strong, heat-resistant refractory mortar and firebrick, both of which are designed to withstand the highest of temperatures, fire after fire.

Certified Fireplace Repair in Allen, TX

The fireplace is the center piece of your home, in Allen, and it is vital that all repairs, when needed, are completed right and safely.  For this reason, the importance of having all of your fireplace repairs and maintenance handled by a company, that has the right certification and experience, cannot be understated.  Sweeps n Ladders has certifications from the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  You can trust we will complete the job to industry standards.  Regardless of the type of repair work or fireplace cleaning work you need to be done, feel free to call us today! (469)777-8432

If you’re looking for a reliable Allen fireplace repair service provider, don’t hesitate to call Sweeps n Ladders at (469)777-8432 or contact us through our website.

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