Fireplace Repair and Inspection

Fireplace Repair and Inspection

Do not neglect your fireplace!  When is the last time you had your fireplace inspected?

Sweeps n Ladders can inspect, repair, and when necessary replace all types of fireplaces, including inserts and gas logs.  If your fireplace has developed cracks or other problems, it will burn fuel less efficiently or even create a safety hazard. When you make the call to Sweeps n Ladders to repair your fireplace, we will also inspect your flue and damper to make sure you have appropriate ventilation.  We offer expert fireplace repair in homes across North Texas, so call us today for quick and professional service. (469)777-8432

How to Know When it is Time for a Fireplace Repair?

Excess smoke!  Excess smoke is a sure sign that a fireplace repair is needed.  Yes, you may simply be burning the wrong type of wood, you could have the wrong size flue, or another pressing issue inside the fireplace.  If you notice a crack in the firebox or appears damaged, it is absolutely time to call a Sweeps n Ladders certified chimney technician.  Heat loss can happen when cracks or holes are present in your fireplace, but more seriously, they are a leading cause of house fires.  Cracks and holes may allow sparks and high flames to escape and set fire to the insulation, wood, and other materials in the framing.

Fireplace Damper Repairs

One common issue we find is a malfunctioning fireplace damper.  If the damper is malfunctioning, moisture may be finding its way into your chimney and if stuck open then heat will be lost when fireplace is not in use.  We install only top-quality dampers, caps, and chimney screens to keep moisture and small animals out of your chimney. Our technicians are experienced and knowledge with dampers of all types, including combinations of cap and screen.

Fireplace Insert Repair

Fireplace inserts are vital to the proper safe function of your fireplace and require regular preventative maintenance, whether gas or wood burning.  Sweeps n Ladders fireplace insert preventative maintenance program includes regular sweeping services and inspections. Our chimney and fireplace technicians make sure to provide a complete cleaning of your insert, including the flue and firebox, to determining if any repairs are needed. When needed, we can repair or install dampers and spark arrestors.  These items must be working properly to protect your home from potential hazards.  Sometimes factory-built inserts are not compatible with some chimneys and we can help determine if that is the issue.  If you notice any issues with your insert, call one of our fireplace experts today.

The expert technicians at Sweeps n Ladders offer fireplace repair, routine maintenance, and installation services to customers in North Texas. Whether minor repairs or a complete chimney inspection, our technicians are committed to excellent customer satisfaction and providing quality and reliable fireplace repair services. Call us for any of your fireplace repair needs. (469)777-8432